Michelle Thorne

Michelle Thorne
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Michelle Thorne was born in England, 1977. She decided to go into modelling a couple of years ago. Her modelling work was then fast becoming the main focus of my attention and during a short space of time Michelle’d appeared on the front cover of some of the most popular mens magazines in Europe, such as Mayfair Magazine,Club, Escort,Hustler, Men Only and Men’s world, and just about all the others. At the moment Michelle Thorne is on second year’s contract with Playboy TV /The Adult Channel’ presenting every 2-3 weeks. She had my own series called ‘Department Sex’ with a second and completely new series called ‘Star Whores’ coming up for release at the end of November . Prior to this She worked for ‘TVX – The Fantasy Channel’ and had own series on there called ‘ Sun, Sea, and Sex’.

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