Sky Lopez

Sky Lopez
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Sky Lopez was born in Stillwater, 1975. She just loves SEX and that’s the main reaosn She is in the adult industry. Sky Lopez is a Capricorn Christmas baby. Sky Lopez went to Oakland Alimentary and Vallejo Junior High. When she need a rest, she like to go shopping, rollerblading, ice skating, snorkeling in Hawaii or Mexico, riding Harleys, browsing for S&M toys, watching the Weather Channel while drinking coffee and going to the gym. Sky Lopez rose to the top of the business with her amazing sexy young body, a well placed tattoo here and there, and an honest, open, always fun and nasty attitide that adds life to every pic or video you’ll ever see. Sky loves trucks, dirt bikes, loud music, getting stoned and is always the life of every party.

Eye Candy 3 (2004) (V)
High Desert Pirates (2004) (V) (as Sky Lopez) …. Sideswipe, the ghost ship captain
Prettiest Tits I Ever Came Across (2004) (V)
Sportf*cking (2003) (V)
Wicked Sex Party 5 (2003) (V)
WMB: Weapons of Masturbation (2003) (V)
Eye Spy Sky (2003) (V)
Cum Shot Starlets (2002) (V)
Dumb Blonde
Four Finger Club 21
Little Lace Panties 2
Cockless 4
Poon Raider
Captain Backdoor Adventures No. 4
Pimped by an Angel
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Bottom Feeders
Where the Boys Aren’t 12
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Blue Monday
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Mass Appeal
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Broken English
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