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Janet Jackson She`s one of the true superstar elite, she teased us with a taste of her new sound last year via the keynote song in one of 2000`s biggest movies, and now Janet Jackson is ready for the world again.
Here`s a sequence to make your mouth water. March: a brand new Janet single. April: her first new album since 1997`s multi-million-selling The Velvet Rope. July: the start of a world tour, with the same spectacular production values that have set the arena benchmark since her famous Rhythm Nation debut tour of 1990.
April 23/24 sees the worldwide release of Janet`s new album All For You, a tip of the hat to timeless soul and dance grooves and a glorious celebration of her 1980`s roots. The set was recorded at Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis with co-production by the mighty Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, her longtime songwriting and studio collaborators, and additional Janet Jackson nude pics production by hot name on the Janet Jackson superbowl halftime breast block Rockwilder. The album`s melodic, upbeat and fresh sound is echoed by the title track, due as a single in March.
Concurrent with her new music, Janet will be honoured at the inaugural mtvICON show March 13 in recognition of her place as one of the most influential and beloved tastemakers in contemporary pop and R&B. The spectacular accompanying show will eloquently demonstrate the impact that Janet has had not only on her multi-million world-wide audience, but also on a generation of fellow performers, as Destiny`s Child, Macy Gray, OutKast and