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Nicole was born June 20, 1967, in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a star actress and a celebrity of great fame. Nicole is the daughter of two health care professionals, her father, a biochemist and mother, a nursing instructor. Nicole, from the age of 4, was raised in Sydney, Australia, and this attributes to her unique accent. Nicole Kidman nude Her childhood was profoundly marked by the social activism of her parents, her mother, an ardent feminist, refused to buy her a Barbie doll. Her father made Nicole begin every day with a regimen of push-ups and jumping jacks. Exercise was a point of emphasis in the Kidman household. Nicole was required to discuss a political issue or current affair with their parents at the end of every day. Nicole felt extremely awkward and out of place while growing up. Her first experience with acting came when she was six years old when she appeared in her school`s Christmas pageant. She trained in dance, drama, and mime through her teen years, developing a particularly strong passion for ballet. Today, her statuesque figure is part of her beauty, but, as a child, her figure was not proportionate, and she stood at a lanky height compared to her classmates. Her pale complexion did not make matters any better for the young Nicole. Insecure with her awkward physique, Nicole sought refuge in performing and drama. Nicole Kidman naked She participated regularly at the Philip Street Theater in Sydney. Her love for ballet and the performing arts, were enough for Nicole to know that acting was her calling. In 1983, Nicole made her acting debut in the Australian film “Bush Christmas”. She made a lasting impression on her fellow Australians, who still watch the film on television every December. In 1985, when she was only 17, members of the Australian Film Institute voted Kidman Actress of the Year for her work in the TV miniseries “Vietnam”. Nicole had already become a star “down under”. She soon became recognized across the globe in the United States, when she appeared in the 1989 thriller, “Dead Calm”. Nicole was finally growing into her figure and becoming the red headed beauty we know today. Nicole next appeared in the film, “Days of Thunder”, which would mold her life in more ways than one. In the race car flick, she stole co-star Tom Cruise`s heart both on and off screen. After a brief courtship, on Christmas Eve, 1990, in Telluride, Colorado, Kidman and Cruise were married. Over the next few years, Nicole struggled to prove herself that she was not only