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Meg Ryan biography

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra, better known to us nowadays as Meg Ryan, was born on 19th November 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut in the United States of America. She was raised in the Catholic faith. The daughter of Harry Hyra and Susan Jordan who divorced in 1976 (Stepfather Pat Jordan) this blue eyed young lady has two sisters Dana and Annie and a brother, Andrew. There has been a well known rift between Meg and her mother since the early 1980`s By way of education Meg studied at Bethel High School, Connecticut with the family having moved to the area in 1974. She was known in her schooldays as Peggy Hyra. Meg was her High School`s Homecoming Queen in 1977 when the original queen was suspended. She went on to study journalism at New York University and majored in the subject. In 1976 her parents divorced and her mother moved to New York. Eventually in 1978 Meg changed her surname to Ryan which was her mothers maiden surname. In 1979 having been voted the cutest girl in high school Meg also moved to New York. However journalism was not destined to be the eventual career of Margaret Hyra instead she was to become one of the most famous American actresses of the 1980`s and 1990`s. In 1981 she had her film debut in “Rich and Famous”. This was followed by a two year spell in the TV serial “As The World Turns” Into 1983 with Amityville 3D and the following year Meg uprooted again and moved to Hollywood where she had a role in Wildside. It is widely believed that Megs talents were probably noticed first when she appeared in Top Gun in 1986. Meg was engaged to investment banker Buck Burnaman prior to meeting Anthony Edwards on the set of Top Gun. 1987 brought with it Innerspace and a typical Meg Ryan pics scatty blond role for Meg. this was to be the first time she acted with the man who was eventually to become her husband, Dennis Quaid. Her previous relationship with actor Anthony Edwards ended at this time. 1988 meant a further acting reunion with Dennis in D.O.A. and also in this year the Presidio (Starring Sean Connery) and the Promised Land were also both released. In 1989 when Harry Met Sally was released which included Meg`s most famous scene to date this being the now famous faked orgasm scene. Into the 90`s and the release of Joe Versus The Volcano in 1990 gave Meg her first film role alongside the very talented Tom Hanks. The combination of Hanks and Ryan was to prove such a success that once again, like Quaid and Ryan, they were to be teamed up again in a future movie. 14th February 1991 (Valentines Day) Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan get married. Also in this year the movie The Doors is released. A son, Jack Henry, is born to Dennis and Meg on April 24th 1992. Meg once again co-stars with Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle in 1993. 1994 meant a hectic year for Meg with When A Man Loves a Woman, I.Q is released and the charming French kiss is made. 1995 sees no let up in a busy schedule with French Kiss and restoration being released. Courage Under Fire and Anastasia are both in production stage. 1996 Courage Under Fire is released (also starring Denzel Washington). Restoration wins 2 Oscars. In 1997 the very funny romantic comedy Addicted to love is released. Anastasia is also released (a vocal only role for Meg). 1998 City of Angels is released and Meg Ryan naked Hurly Burly Production ends. 1999 Heralds the release of You`ve Got Mail, Meg again teaming up with Tom Hanks in yet another romantic comedy. 2000 Meg starts the new Millennium with Hanging Up co starring Diane Keaton and Lisa Kudrow – a great performance by Meg but I feel it is to be a box office flop compared to some of her other movies. With a string of major movie successes behind her it is seems somewhat unfortunate and unjustified that ,to date, Meg has still not picked up a major acting award. 29 June 2000. A very sad day in the life of Meg Ryan as she and Dennis Quaid announce they are to separate after 9 years of Marriage. A week later comes the announcement that they are to divorce with Dennis having filed divorce papers at Los Angeles Superior Court on July 11th. Meg filed her own divorce papers on 14th August. The report comes after UK newspapers tell of Meg`s nights out with Russell Crowe who Meg Ryan nude is filming Proof Of Life with her at that time. However there were also newspaper reports that their marriage had been in trouble for many months prior to this. Meg and Dennis are then reported to have tried a reconciliation but then newspapers later report that Meg herself has filed her own divorce papers. For many months Meg`s alleged relationship with Russell Crowe is then featured in the international press. December 2000 Proof Of Life released in the US – UK screening planned for Feb 2001 In January 2001 the Ryan / Crowe relationship is reported to be over with a new years eve wedding never having materialized. Feb 2001 at this time it is reported Meg can earn around US$15 million per movie. March 2nd 2001 Proof Of Life released in the UK. The remainder of 2001 sees the international media chasing Meg all over the world accusing her of having a relationship with just about every man she is pictured with. In June Meg films a documentary about the falling number of Asian elephants. This was recorded in Thailand. Following the U.S terrorist attacks on September 11th Meg plays a big part in helping to raise funds for the victims families. Meg celebrated her 40th birthday on Monday November 19th 2001. Meg`s main movie project in 2001 Meg Ryan nude was the recording of the Romantic comedy Kate and Leopold. Kate and Leopold is screened first in the USA in December 2001 (UK release date 5th April 2002). Meg enters 2002 with her next movie planned being “Against The Ropes” the true life story of a female boxing manager followed by “In The Cut” an erotic thriller. 2002 turned out to be a strange year for Meg when the international media turned on her saying her career was “in the toilet” and stating that she was dating every man she was pictured with. Again in 2002 Meg was said to have hot dates with Craig Bierko and ending the year romatically linked with John Cusack. It was also the year when Dennis Quaid opened up to the media about his marriage to Meg whilst Meg stayed on the whole tight-lipped as usual. Former lover Russell Crowe remained firmly in the news and never it seemed for good reasons. Meg must be entered 2003 probably hoping for better reviews from the international media both in respect of her acting and personal life. The meg ryan nude pictures Release of Against the Ropes was delayed it was Meg Ryan nude said due to the fact the publisher was afraid that publicity would be lost due to the war in Iraq. Also in 2003 Meg was a judge at the Cannes Film Festival. meg ryan nude photos In The Cut was released with reviewers concentrating more on Meg`s naked scenes than the movie itself. The movie received mixed reviews from mediocre to excellent. Any hopes of favourable publicity from the press Meg Ryan nude photos that Meg may have had at the start of 2003 were dashed by the end of it. The media preferring to concentrate on Meg`s nude scenes saying they were a desperate attempt to get away from her being solely associated with romantic comedies. They also picked on her performing her exercises in strange places such as in the street or on an aircraft. Numerous reports came in daily papers that Meg was getting more and more stroppy , demanding and bad tempered. She was criticized heavily for 2 rather lacklustre interview performances in the UK, one on Michael Parkinson`s show the other on GMTV, whilst promoting In The Cut. Finally she was booed at the UK premiere of In The Cut, in Leicester Square, by waiting fans when she barely acknowledged them. However whatever the press may say Meg`s fans have never deserted her. With more than 1200 loyal fans in the mailing list for this site as at Dec 31st 2003 her popularity with the fans remains as strong as ever.

Meg Ryan filmography

Papa (2005) (pre-production) …. Mary Hemingway
Against the Ropes (2004) …. Jackie Kallen
In the Cut (2003) …. Frannie Averey
Kate & Leopold (2001) …. Kate McKay
Proof of Life (2000) …. Alice Bowman
Hanging Up (2000) …. Eve Mozell Marks
You`ve Got Mail (1998) …. Kathleen Kelly
Hurlyburly (1998) …. Bonnie
City of Angels (1998) …. Maggie Rice
… aka Stadt der Engel (1998) (Germany)
Anastasia (1997) (voice) …. Anastasia
Addicted to Love (1997) …. Maggie
… aka Forlorn (1997)
Courage Under Fire (1996) …. Captain Karen Emma Walden
Restoration (1995) …. Katharine
French Kiss (1995) …. Kate
… aka Paris Match (1995)
I.Q. (1994) …. Catherine Boyd
When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) …. meg ryan nude pictures Alice Green
… aka To Have and to Hold (1994)
Flesh and Bone (1993) …. Kay Davies
Sleepless in Seattle Meg Ryan nude (1993) …. Annie Reed
Prelude to a Kiss (1992) …. Rita Boyle
Doors, The (1991) …. Pamela Courson
“Captain Planet and the Planeteers” (1990) TV Series (voice) …. Dr. Blight (1990-1991)
… aka “New Adventures of Captain Planet, The” (1993) (USA: fourth season title)
Joe Versus the Volcano Meg Ryan nude (1990) …. DeDe/Angelica Graynamore/Patricia Graynamore
When Harry Met Sally… (1989) …. Sally Albright
Presidio, The (1988) …. Donna Caldwell
… aka Presidio: Meg Ryan pics The Scene of the Crime, The (1988) (UK)
D.O.A. (1988) …. Sydney Fuller
Promised Land (1987) Meg Ryan nude…. Bev
… aka Young Hearts (1987)
Innerspace (1987) …. Lydia Maxwell
Armed and Dangerous (1986) …. Meg Ryan naked Maggie Cavanaugh
Top Gun (1986) …. Carole Bradshaw
“Wildside” (1985) TV Series …. Cally Oaks
Amityville 3-D (1983) …. Lisa
… aka Amityville III: The Demon (1983)
… aka Amityville: The Demon (1983)
“As the World Turns” (1956) Meg Ryan nude TV Series …. Betsy Stewart Montgomery Andropoulos #6 (1982-1984)
Amy and the Angel (1982) (TV) …. Meg Ryan naked Denise
“One of the Boys” (1982) TV Series …. Jane
Rich and Famous (1981) …. Debby at 18 years

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