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Trish Stratus biography:

Born in Toronto, Canada on December 18, 1976, Trisha Stratigias (later known as Trish Status) never could have dreamed that she would become a success as a fitness model, and sports entertainment and television celebrity.

While coveted and promoted for her appearance and sex appeal, few realize how cerebral a young woman she is as well. What other wrestling honey would cite Brave New World as her favorite book? Believe it or not, Trish studied biology and kinesiology at York University in Toronto with the goal of one day entering medical school.

During this time she became interested more and more in weight training and fitness, and developed a particular fascination for comic book sirens and muscle magazine vixens. In her mind, the determined Trish knew that with the right mental approach and discipline, she too could have what she termed the “ideal comic [strip] body.” Trish Stratus nude

Harnessing her gymnastic training and her knowledge of bodybuilding, Trish began working out six days a week and followed a strict diet. She found employment as a receptionist at a health club and was discovered soon thereafter.

Embarking on a career as a fitness model, Trish was gracing the cover of popular magazines in a short period of time. The opportunities to model and subsequent demands on her time accelerated at a rapid pace and she decided to leave university when a staff strike canceled class. It would not be long before the WWF would call. Trish Stratus naked

Trish Stratus made her debut in March of 2000. She has since been marketed as a scheming siren not above using her feminine charm to achieve her goals. While she began as a manager for the tag team of Test and Albert — T & A — Trish has since become a ring regular, matching up against other WWF female stars such as Lita and Molly Holly.

In another indication that she is more than just a stunning physical specimen, Trish was named co-host of WWF Excess, airing every Saturday on TNN

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